Lyrical/Contemporary Class-  "Bloch" Tan Spin ll Canvas Lyrical shoes

Ballet  Class-  "Bloch" Pink Ballet shoes style #205, Black leotard, Pink Tights, Hair in bun, 

                              Students will need a ballet wrap sweater with this class.   

Ballet/tap with intro to Jazz    Kindergarten -  2nd grade Students 

Any color leotard and tights or dance shorts, 

Pink Bloch Ballet shoes #205, Carmel Sodanca tap shoes style #ta35

Shinning Star's - Ballet/Tap 3 & 4 year old  

Any color leotard and tights, Pink Bloch Ballet shoes #205, White Sodanca tap shoes style #ta35x

Tiny Stars - Dancing 2's & 3's

Any style leotard and tights, Ballet Shoes

What to wear

Hip Hop Class - Any color leotard, dance shorts and cami top, Black Pastry "Paris Praline" sneakers

Dance Track Studio

Jazz/Gym Class Any color leotard and tights with dance shorts, Tan “Capezio” style gymnastic shoe # 110

​​Lyrical, Tap, Jazz Class      Grades 2nd  - 12th  & Performance Dance Group

Any color leotard and tights, dance shorts, dance tops,

Tan/Caramel slip on Jazz shoes - Bloch style 981, Tan “Bloch” tap shoe style #302

*****For all Recital tights ***** you can order directly online or Site to Store at   Click on Studio Dress Code to find us! 

Dance Track Dance Teams: 
Ballet/Pointe classes - Black leotard,pink tights, with Ballet Belt   

Yellow team - Pink Ballet shoes #205, Pink & Red Team Pink SD16 Sodanca light pink Canvas Ballet shoes,

Hip Hop - Flip Flop - Any color leotard, dance shorts, dance tops, shoes: SoDanca Black slip on Jazz shoes #JZ43 

Team Class - Bloch Tan Spin ll Canvas Lyrical shoes

Team Tap -  Tan Bloch Tap shoes #388 

Opening number- Black Jazz shoes (please check with costume list in December before purchasing these jazz shoes) 

All teams need- Ballet Belt, Ballet wrap sweater, Black sneakers for outside performances.