Dance Team & Community Performance Info

Dance Team

To become a Competition/Dance Team member students are nominated by the Dance Track faculty starting in Middle School. Students are recommended for a Dance team based on performance in class, Attendance, Attitude, energy and technique.  To be considered for a dance team students need to give 100% in every class, Dress in dance clothes, be enrolled in a Ballet class, and dance during the off-season in a summer class. Students start to be recommended for a dance team starting in Middle School.  
Requirements Once on a team

Get to know a wonderful group of team members 

2 x a week Ballet class
6 weeks of summer dance
2-3 town performances
2-3 Dance competitions the month of March & April

Show Kidz 

Join our Community Performance Group - Open to all Dance Track students interested in performing at community events!  

Call for information 781-224-0600 or email us at 


Performance Dance Group 

Is for students who are interested in getting involved with more dance performances and Competition each year. 

Student in the PDG will get to perform at local events and will participate in one dance competition.

PDG is a great way to experience performing other than the recital. 

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